Sunday, October 7, 2007

Sanyo's Dinky Full HD Monster

(From T3)

HD1000 takes title of world's smallest full hi-def cammie and heads for the UK.

If you like your gadgets small, then this one's for you. [more images]

If a camcorder the size of a chewing gum pack doesn't tick your high-end gadget box, but you still want something you can lose just as easily, then Sanyo has the answer.
Their new Xacti HD1000 takes the title of the world's smallest full HD sharp shooter. It's a claim every self-respecting cammie manufacturer seems to be falling over themselves to make these days.

For now though, Sanyo has taken the crown. Their new toy weighs in at a paltry 268g, but still manges to pack in 1920x1080p, a 10x optical HD lens and a 1080i sensor.

You can stash up to 85 minutes of hi-def action on an 8GB SD card, all of which can be checked out on the 2.7-inch screen or beamed to your telly thanks to the HDMI output.

The battery will last a lengthy two hours and you can take snaps using the 4-meg camera on board.

It's out here this very month, although Sanyo's remaining tight-lipped about the price.

One for the Christmas list.