Thursday, June 19, 2008

Whitlock and Impact Joined at the Hip

No cash appears to have been exchanged... got to love the word "seamless". Looks like they want their engineering office to communicate with each other.

I can't even get our kids to feed the dogs seemlessly.

Two of the world’s biggest audio and video system integration firms, The Whitlock Group, a $135 million dollar U.S. based company, and Impact, Europe’s largest integrator, today jointly announce the creation of the industry’s first global alliance for the audiovisual (AV) market.

The alliance provides companies with seamless global AV services, ensuring consistent quality and support for offices on both sides of the Atlantic. Called the Global Presence Alliance, the group will initially focus on customers based in the U.S. and Europe, with plans to build the international footprint and size going forward.

Doug Hall, CEO of The Whitlock Group, said: “As competition and demands rise in the global marketplace, the delivery of efficient, seamless and reliable systems is a necessary business practice. Customers require standardization of designs and programming interfaces to maintain consistency and quality of service across their enterprise.

With the formation of the Global Presence Alliance, we are uniquely positioned to provide fully integrated solutions on an international scale based on our geographic coverage and portfolio of service offerings.”

The Global Presence Alliance will provide a sole-source solutions approach to global audio and video systems integration by providing greater simplicity through a consistent, consolidated service operation. Customers will receive increased gains in operational efficiency by having a single global contact for design, engineering, integration and ongoing maintenance of their technology systems.

This alliance is a formal extension of an existing informal partnership, currently successfully working together to provide global integration and service to mutual high profile and mission critical clients. Fredd Causevic, CEO of Impact, said: “With the market for videoconferencing, in particular, growing at a rate of more than 25 percent, it is exactly the right time to look to extend our geographic reach.

“Our clients here in the UK and Europe are increasingly asking for the same level of service and support for their offices throughout the world. The Global Presence Alliance is all about promoting best practices in our industry and providing customers with unified service. Strategic alliances are now commonplace in the IT and telecoms sector, so it was only a matter of time before the AV market followed suit.”The current financial climate is forcing companies to review their business costs. The price of oil and the resulting business travel costs means that reducing travel is of paramount importance.

The AV market has seized an opportunity to grow. Customers who choose to work with The Whitlock Group, Impact or future strategic alliance members will be assured of consistent quality of service across their network of offices. Those based in Europe wanting to deploy an identical AV installation in the U.S. will get a dedicated project management team with an offer of complete managed service.“

The opportunity to further strengthen the marketplace with a strategic alliance such as this means that members and suppliers can all benefit from providing the first truly global AV service delivery,” concludes Causevic.As a world’s first for the AV integrator marketplace, the alliance is in communication with additional integrators across the globe, including Asia Pacific, the Middle East and Africa.