Saturday, March 28, 2009

Finally, Some iPod Video Integration

March 23, 2009

Thomas Mennecke
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Last month, the Vuze team teased the BitTorrent community with the idea of bringing video content to a variety of video screen through devices such as iPhones, iPods and consoles. Today, the 'top secret' project is now live. The updated Vuze now brings the option of streaming video to a select number of gaming consoles and also has iTunes support.

Public demand called for some type of video integration with the iPhone and iPod - by an overwhelming margin. This Vuze update also addresses this, although perhaps not exactly how everyone expected. Vuze can accept just about any video source, such as an AVI file, and convert it into a compatible iPhone/iPod format. A way to stream video to the iPhone would've been a neat trick.

The updated Vuze can also stream video to the PS3 or xBox 360. Disappointingly, video streaming is not available for the Wii - but we hope it will soon.