Friday, October 16, 2009

Mayberry to Start Writing Again

Frankly, I took a hiatus after writing for Live Sound International two years ago.  It was a disastrous experience.   A great example of what not to do in one's career...

I made the mistake of leaving a quality magazine (SCN) and joining a new magazine two months before the publisher and editor were fired- and replaced by a kid in order to save money!  Roughly five articles I wrote weren't published or paid for, and oddly I was blamed for following the terms of in our contract.

I'm not sure why they haven't renamed it "Line Array Magazine" yet, but it does seem the magazine should be delivered with a chain hoist.    My personal "tipping point" was when they published a piece involving Jutland and included a photo of a WWII Japanese battleship... The disconnect was utterly complete.

Anyway, I'll be using this forum to publish my works from now on.  The plus side is that "names can be named"- something not possible in an industry magazine.  The negative that I don't get that check at the end of the month any longer.   Hopefully our other endeavors will help cover the costs.  I may add some ads on the side column one day and you'll have to click a few to help me carry on.

Wish me luck,