Friday, November 6, 2009

ESS AMT-1 Speaker Anniversary Production Run

I was down at the manufacturer a couple of weeks ago and they're planning a limited production run of 500 pairs of ESS AMT-1 speakers in Jaunary, which featured the Heil Air Motion Transformer.

The Heil driver was an electrostatic type kind, is based on the principle "which makes air compress and emit and reproduces sound", and was developed by Dr. Oscar Heil of the Heil science laboratory in the United States.

This unit has about 5.5kg ferrite magnet and structure which placed the element into the magnetic field constituted by lamination pole piece. This element is the shape of accordion pleats which the covering with the optimal dumping characteristic of a macromolecule can expand and contract freely.

The electric conduction belt is embedded on the pleat, the pleat which faced each other when signal current flowed pays well, and air in it is compressed and emitted. The next pleat spreads conversely and inhales air from the opposite side. As for the remaining half-cycle, this motion operates completely conversely in a half-cycle.

This pleat is summarized to 17, when it is made into area, it is large in 2 and about 230mm, and it has acquired efficiency higher than a horn loudspeaker by operation which moreover compresses and emits air.

The characteristic in which the heil driver was excellent with this structure has been acquired, and also sound was diffused by the pole piece from which the front and the rear surface are completely symmetrical structures, and have become a wide angle, and the extensive directivity near indirectivity is realized.

Moreover, the element part has realized 20 microseconds and a very early standup at 5kHz on the structure by the covering (0.012mm) of a low-mass macromolecule.