Friday, August 17, 2007

A Word for Those Contemplating Vista


Wasted the entire day today just trying to get a DHCP connection to the Internet on a preconfigured Vista box. Hold onto your XP Professional stuff as hard as you can. Apparently Microsoft's "Ultimate" edition doesn't support the latest generation of routers just yet.

I did find out that Circuit City charges a 15% restocking fee if you take back a Vista computer you purchased the same day. Their justification was that Besy Buy charges the same.

HP must be in contention for the world's worst telephone technical support- what's happened to them? They want $70 up front just to talk about networking- that's after you've been on hold for 90 minutes to talk to someone with a rudimentary grasp of the English language and having asked to speak to a supervisor five times. I can't believe their desktop folks have ever spoken to their printer folks about quality of support. We used to routinely buy everything from them. No longer.

Vista's still not ready for prime time yet, Bill. It's making Microsoft's vendors look stupid.