Tuesday, June 26, 2007

New Bass Heavyweight Contender from Worx Technology

The TL1801SS is the future of long excursion, high output sub bass speakers. It's elegantly simple advanced design features a high temperature Neodymium magnet surrounding an under hung voice coil encased in a low carbon steel structure allowing the cone to have extremely high excursion with the lowest possible distortion.

The TL1801SS is 18" (457.20 mm) in diameter with a 4" voice coil (101.60 mm). The driver has Two inches (50.80 mm) of peak to peak fully linear excursion, and can move more than Three inches (76.20 mm) before damage. The gap length being 2.5” (63.50 mm) allows the anodized aluminum edge wound voice coil to travel through a magnetic flux field right up to the X-max limit. The Thiele-Small parameters have minimal change under various input power levels allowing the amplifier to easily control the voice coil.

The shape of the motor was optimized using finite element analysis to dissipate heat, focus flux and reduce weight. The design promotes convection cooling with cone motion by pulling air through the motor. Heat is forced out of the structure and through the vents below the double spiders. This further reduces the effects of steady state power compression caused by extreme input levels over long periods of time.

Our advanced cone design utilizes high strength aluminum for light weight efficiency while allowing greater voice coil heat dissipation. The result is a woofer with more linear excursion providing greater acoustic output with ultra low distortion, quick transient response, and extremely low power compression with very high linearity.

The TL1801SS weighs 52Lbs (23.59 kg). The Neodymium magnet has greater BL product (product of magnet strength) over conventional ceramic magnets or smaller Neodymium magnets utilized in other pro 18" speakers, but the TL1801SS typically has more than four times the acoustic output. It is extremely efficient and handles an enormous amount of power.

Call Jerry Spriggs for more information: (336) 687-2299