Sunday, June 24, 2007

Our First Digital Signage System

We were recently asked, "How long have you been in the digital signage business?"

Our first project was for the Los Angeles Metrolink system, where we sold 60 stations worth of LED signs (roughly 12 signs per station), plus the equipment rack, speakers, strobes, UPS, and monitoring hardware and installation. Almost all of the hardware was AT&T branded.

We were the AT&T authorized distributor, with general role of responding to bid requests and figuring out how to use as much AT&T equipment and services as possible in a given job.

The first station installed was in Chatsworth, and it was working until the UPS discharged after losing power from the Northridge earthquake effects in January 1994.

Although originally spec'd as a fiber backbone, we ended up using 56k dial up modems. The signs were connected via RS-485.

Seems like a million years ago, but it was only thirteen! Those LED signs sold for more than 50" plasma monitors do today...