Thursday, July 19, 2007

Easier to Use Network Managment Tools

Lots of acronyms to get through, but important nonetheless...

OTTAWA and TORONTO, July 18 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- NuDesign Technologies, Inc., a premiere provider of visual SNMP, CLI, web/XML management development tools, and QNX Software Systems, a leading provider of realtime operating system (RTOS) technology, have formed an alliance to provide NuDesign's Command Line Interface (CLI) highly automated agent code generation tool to users of the QNX(R) Neutrino(R) RTOS.

The NuDesign CLI Code Generation Framework simplifies creation of hierarchical CLI. The framework implements command hierarchy navigation, command completion, command line editing, history, and a basic set of common commands. The framework makes it very easy to extend and customize the CLI for device configuration. An optional component supporting IETF's NetConf protocol will be made available at a later date. It contains mechanisms to install, manipulate, and delete the configuration of network devices.

"QNX development tools are compatible with NuDesign's embedded management agent generation tools, so it literally takes minutes to generate a working CLI or SNMP agent using NuDesign agent development studio and the QNX Momentics(R) development suite," said Shehzad Haq, vice president of business development at NuDesign.

Fully functional, time-limited evaluations are available at