Sunday, July 1, 2007

Home Theater 1080p Home Projector Review

Geoffrey Morrison opines on the latest in 1080p consumer video projectors.
OK, so, if we can agree that projectors are the ultimate in home theater entertainment, then 1080p is the culmination of nearly a decade in technical advancements, price reductions, and market growth. Today's projectors are brighter, cheaper, easier to own, and can project a larger image than anything that was available for the home in years past. The slow price drop of 720p projectors pales in comparison to the lightning-fast drop of 1080p. It was just a year ago that the first $10,000 1080p front projector hit the market. Now, here are three PJs at right around half that price. As this is one of the only display categories that can truly benefit from 1080p resolution, this drop is very welcome.